About Us

About Us

Welcome to turkishtenders.com daily updated tenders, projects, business and finance news and analysis site by EkoTürk News Agency.

turkishtenders.com is at your service for providing everyone, both inside and outside of Turkey, with correct, fast and inclusive information on the latest tenders, projects, business and financial developments and daily updated opinions and analyses by distinguished media observers of Turkish politics and economy.

turkishtenders.com will enable its readers learn latest news on the projects and international tenders by government agencies and public sector corporations, local administrations as well as private sector in Turkey. In addition to press scanner, domestic and foreign affairs news, turkishtenders.com will present the most fresh news crucial for the investors with an eye on power sector in Turkey with its "Energy News" special.

We hope that turkishtenders.com readers will feel themselves priviliged for having a news site, prepared by an experienced and skilled staff, at their service.



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